Long Term Recovery Group history & mission

The JASPER-NEWTON Counties Long Term Recovery Group (JN-LTRG) came into existance as a result of the dissolution of the South East Texas Disaster Recovery Group (SRTDRG).

SETDRG was formed after the Sabine River Flood in March of 2016 to help victims of that flood in Jasper, Newton, and Orange Counties.  In July of 2017 the Board voted to enlarge the geographical scope of SETDRG to include Jefferson and Hardin Counties.  In August of 2017 the impact of Hurricane Harvey demonstrated that the resulting massive needs were too overwhelming for one long-term recover group (ltrg).  Therefore, the Board voted to dissolve SETDRG with the hope of each the five above named counties would form their own LTRG.

With that dissolution completd by December 31, 2017, the interested citizens of Jasper and Newton Counties met January 18, 2018 in the auditorium of the First Baptist Chruch of Kirbyville to form the JASPER-NEWTON Counties Long Term Recovery Group (JN-LTRG).  Seven* JN-LTRG Teams were announced, discussed, and each citizen was given the opportunity to volunteer to work on one or more of the Teams.

The Case Management Team began to work immediately and by the end of May with partnering help from DETCOG, the Salvation Army, TEAM Rochester, and Plymouth Baptist Church in Plymouth, Indianna, JN-LTRG has been able to help eighty (80) families repair/rebuild their homes.  By partnering with Judge Paul Price (Newton County), the Texas Department of Transportation, Waste Management Inc., and a demolition crew working with Team Rochester, JN-LTRG was also able to demolish, remove the debris, and clean off about 10 sites in the Deweyville area before the end of March 2018.