Chad and amber

I would like to share with all of you our story about how God sent living angels in our life at just the right moment. Our names are Chad and Amber Williams. We live in a small town in Southeast Texas called williamsDeweyville. We have two children, Felisitie our oldest is 17 and Aaron our son who is 8. In 2011 we bought a cute little house on an acre of land at the end of a dirt road.  It was a fixer upper, but we fell in love and had a piece of heaven to ourselves. In March 2016 we had a devastating flood that drove us out of our home. After that time we spent every ounce of energy we had putting it back together again. We spent around 57,000 restoring it back. We were getting back in a week before Hurricane Harvey came through and meandered up north to the Toledo Bend Reservoir and around 4 days later we flooded again. We thought why God, why is this happening again?  Months later after Hurricane Harvey came through, we had really slow progress in starting the rebuilding process again and our spirits were exhausted mentally and emotionally. In my mind I know God has a plan and reason for everything and to put your trust in him. He will not give you more than you can bear.

This past February and beginning of March everything started to fall into place so quickly I couldn't believe how fast! God sent us help, true living angels here on earth. He put us in the path of some beautiful souls to meet. Mr. Bob, Mr. Chad, Vianne, Jenn, Sandy and Liz showed up to our home ready to get to work with whatever help we needed. They came to us during a moment where my husband and I were at our edge of exhaustion with the house, with having to live with others and take up their space and home (which I’m truly grateful for) and starting to get frustrated with each other more easily because of everything going on. These beautiful living angels were literally a Godsend! God knew we were getting to the end of our ropes of what we could handle. I can't tell you enough how appreciative and grateful and blessed I feel to have them in our lives. They gave Chad and I the encouragement and push we needed to keep going. Not only did we receive such a bright blessing from God that gave us renewed strength in ourselves and our relationship with one another and God, but we also new-found Hope back into our home and lives. But most importantly, we were introduced to beautiful new friends through this journey of rebuilding our home that we bonded with and made such a special connection with!! I will forever treasure that the most in my heart and we are looking forward to coming up there and visiting with them soon one day! My family and I will be forever grateful for God sending you into our lives!
With the deepest sincerity,
The Williams Family

Painting Day

Chad and Amber had purchased paint. Once the inside was sheetrocked, the team painted the exterior. Everyone fell in love with Samson! He even got his dog house painted!