Welcome to Jasper-Newton Long Term Recovery Group! We exist to glorify Jesus Christ by bringing HOPE and helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the Sabine River Flood.

“Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air...

but only for one second without hope.” ― Hal Lindsey


Chairman/Pastor Charles Burchett leads the board of directors.

Executive Board

History and Mission

Jasper-Newton Counties were flooded in March 2016 by the Sabine River. Many homeowners were just returning to their rebuilt homes when Hurricane Harvey hit in August 2017. These people who have suffered grief upon grief feel forgotten.

history and mission

Hurricane Harvey

The largest disaster in US history dumped over 15 trillion gallons of water (51 inches of rain) on Texas and has caused over $190 billion in damages to date.


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Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, 80% of the devastated area had been rebuilt. Hurricane Harvey was larger in scale. Recovery will be ongoing for the next decade. We need skilled laborers, chaplains, and other volunteer teams to help reduce that timeline and come along side those in need.

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Post-Disaster Status

Due to the historic nature of the 2017 disaster season, FEMA and other aid agencies experienced an unprecedented backlog. Nine months after Harvey, low- to middle-income neighborhoods in Jasper and Newton Counties, Texas, find recovery efforts have been slow. Per the US Census Bureau, both counties continue to decrease in population and those living in poverty exceed the state percentage level. Jasper-Newton Long Term Recovery Group serves vulnerable populations. Due to back-to-back, catastrophic, 100-year floods that occurred within 18 months, many lost their jobs, homes, businesses, and precious belongings. Churches were flooded. Some lost loved ones. Some families have not had running water for over two years. They have needed to purchase bottled water for cooking and cleaning. Others feel they were scammed by agencies that said they would help, and some moved from the area because they had lost everything, including hope. The atmosphere is one of despair. Our Case Managers live in the area and know the people who desperately need assistance to live in habitable homes and return to normalcy. We provide oversight, from Case Management to Construction, Volunteers, Donations and Spiritual Soul Care.



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